Panther Theatrical Productions is now accepting full-length and one-act plays and musicals, as well as innovative and experimental spoken word performances longer than 20 minutes for its 2012 Panther Fringe Theater production to be held in Sept., 2012.  There will be three locations (to be announced later) throughout St. Louis for one-week of diverse, unique, and engaging theater.  All genres are accepted and will be juried by professionals in each  genre submitted.

DEADLINE for submission is DECEMBER 1st. 2011.  Please fill out form below then submit script/book as an attachment in an email to

All rights are retained by the copyright owners with permission given to Panther Theatrical Productions to use any or all parts including the use of script or book, still photos, video/film capture, audio recordings, and/or partial live performance for the sole purpose of promotional material.

It is the policy of Panther Theatrical Productions to pay a percentage of the profit to cast and crew.  

If you'd like more information please contact Mark Pannebecker through the "contact us" page.

SUBMISSION for 2012 Panther Fringe Theater

Terms and Conditions:

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