GOD & GAIA is a multi-disciplined media group show of local and regional artists. It will be held every year near the Spring Equinox. This year GOD & GAIA, 2011 will be presented at the Taylor Building, 2nd floor, 1130 Washington Ave.  St. Louis,  MO 63104, on April 8, 2011 from 7 to midnight. All proceeds will go to paying the talented people involved in our first  production "Brother Lies, Sister Truth" to be performed April 20-24 of 2011, as well as any additional costs specifically associated with the play and Panther Productions, St. Louis.




All disciplines welcomed.  This annual event will showcase the best of local and regional artist.  The presentation will be held at 1130 Washington ave., 2nd floor, St. Louis, MO 63104, April 8, 2011 from 7 to midnight.  There are no restrictions on submissions other than the (very broad) theme of God & Gaia, Heaven & Earth, and the celebration of the Yin and Yang, the Male and Female.

This event will be held annually, starting in 2011, and will be a fundraiser to help fund local professional performances that are original works written, produced, and directed, with staff, cast and crew all St. Louis city or county residents.

There is no entry fee and artists keep 80% of their sales.  Personal advertising of the individual artist or group is encouraged.  The curator will assign the space to be used for the presentation of the art and it will be up to the artist to hang their work or prep their stage area.  There will be staff on hand to assist.  The performance stage will be limited in lights and sound. so keep it simple.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2011 and all artists will be notified immediately via email upon completion of the submission form.   A sample of your work or an image of the actual piece you plan to show will be requested in a separate email for those without a website.  Please feel free to submit up to three pieces.

Thank you and here's to a successful show with a wonderful future!

For more information:

Mark Pannebecker



Entry Form God & Gaia 2011

A sample of your work or an image of the piece being submitted will be requested in a separate email.

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