About Us

Panther Productions, St. Louis, is a newly developed non-profit arts organization pending a 501c3 status, we are dedicated to providing funding for original, professional quality stage and film performances of local producers, directors, and writers.

However, before we can apply for government grants to further our goal, Panther Production must successfully fund its first year’s productions independently.

Therefore, we are proud to present our first annual fundraiser for Panther Productions: God & Gaia, and its first recipient of that fundraiser: Brother Lies, Sister Truth, an original play by Mark Pannebecker.

It is our intention to have a successful fundraiser and a well received production to establish us as an up and coming and respected arts organization and garner grants and awards that can then be applied to further productions in an attempt to showcase local talent.

GOD & GAIA is a multi-disciplined media group show of local and regional artists. It will be held every year near the Spring Equinox. All proceeds will go to paying the talented people involved in that years theater/film production as well as any additional costs accrued by Panther Productions, St. Louis specifically associated with the production.

Next years recipient will be awarded based on the recommendations of a juried panel. Call for entries for 2012 Performance Grant will be sent out around the Summer Equinox. We hope to award one production enough funding to see a local artist’s vision to fruition.

Please attend our fundraisers or offer a donation.  Thank you.



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